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Introducing your ultimate construction dewatering and sewerage pump

Nothing handles dewatering challenges like the Condor C Series. That’s why we’ve taken what makes this outstanding pump so great and made it even better.

The exclusive Enviroprime® pump system provides reliable automatic priming with the environmental advantage of not spilling pump fluids during priming.

  • Automatic self priming

  • Venturi line is mounted outside the pump allowing easy access for maintenance

  • Stainless steel float in suction chamber

  • Prevents pumpage from entering the priming system

  • Removable float chamber cover and optional discharge check valve cover can be removed without tools

  • No need for extra hoses or buckets to handle unwanted contaminated or hazardous blow-by

Delivering clean diesel to the fuel lines

The FuelActive® fuel pick-up unit prevents fuel contamination issues by utilising a float to draw diesel from the upper level of the fuel.


The FuelActive@ fuel delivery system reduces equipment failures by up to 85%. Even temporary breakdowns cause operational delays preventing workers performing their tasks and resulting in unpredictable downtime, project delays and/or increased costs.

  • Eradicates fuel related breakdowns

  • Reduces component replacements

  • Reduces machine downtime and maintenance

  • Improves fuel efficiency

  • Reduces harmful emissions




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