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Condor Water Treatment Systems

Condor is the leading provider and authority on mobile settlement units for the treatment of wet waste, water treatment, and the prevention of silt contamination from construction and environmental remediation projects. 

Condor Water Treatment Systems are designed to remove hydrocarbons, suspended solids and settleable matter from surface runoff and groundwater to meet acceptable council and environmental authority regulations. 

Condor’s channel-shaped lamella clarifier system ensures maximum settlement per m² of unit footprint. 

Units come standard with forklift pockets and container twist locks making them simple to transport and also double stack the units on sites restricted for space. Each unit has multiple inlet and outlet options, multiple ports for additional flocculant dosing and can be fitted with an automated sludge removal pump for low maintenance.


Typical Applications:

  • Groundwater treatment

  • Site runoff treatment

  • Dewatering

  • Drilling, Piling, and micro-tunneling

  • Stream and river works

  • Dredging and desilting

  • Plant and wheel washing

  • Quarry wash plants

With each site offering varied challenges, process add on options could include:

  • Automated flow proportional flocculant dosing

  • Automated real-time TSS (Total suspended solids) feed and discharge data

  • Hydrocarbon filters

  • Oil skimmers

  • Automated sludge removal pump

  • PH Correction

  • Mixers 

  • Pipe flocculation

  • Solar-powered flocculant dosing

Units are available for purchase or hire.




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