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Standard Range – Advantage through leading dust control technology

  1. Composite fibre cone Lightweight. Robust. Rust-proof. Resistant to acids. Suppresses noise. Simple to repair.

  2. Ring-shaped nozzle arrangement Ideal for dust emissions over a large area.

  3. Robust frame made of hot-dip galvanised steel High degree of resistance to wear and corrosion.

  4. Two-level filter system High-quality filter system to prevent clogged nozzles.

  5. MobyDick pump 200 (20 bar) Special pump designed for the Cannol Line.

  6. Control cabinet with integrated Siemens Logo Prepared for integration into the dients infrastructure.

  7. Simple to operate Designed for tough operating conditions.

  8. Built-in guides for forklifts Simple to transport with forklifts or pallet trucks.

  9. 360° operating radius Can be rotated up to 360° (automatic or manual)

  10. 60° height-adjustable cone Height-adjustable up to 60°


Dust Cannons for on-site dust containment solutions

MobyDick Dust Cannons say goodbye to work site dust

The MobyDick Cannon Line is a product group of mobile solutions for dust control. Based on the traditional MobyDick areas of development, all models offer a high degree of efficiency and are simple and intuitive to use. All systems are manufactured in the MobyDick ISO-certified production facilities using high-quality components and are designed for many years of operation in tough working conditions.




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