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Customised Chassis Mount Water Carts for HEB

When HEB Construction, Fulton Hogan, Downer and Brookby Quarry (to name a few) invest in new plant, they require items that are simple to use, reliable and suited to the rugged conditions they end up working in. Hence the reason they are among Condor’s many water cart clients.

So when HEB Construction purchased two Isuzu trucks for water cart conversions, Condor was approached to work through the specific requirements.

The 10,000L tanks were mounted to certified steel frames, customised to suit the truck chassis rails. Full centre of gravity and weight distribution analysis was performed to ensure the tanks were positioned correctly and most importantly the units complied with regulation requirements.

In addition, the units were fitted with:

  • Dribble bar at the rear

  • Yanmar diesel engine

  • Front spray nozzles

  • Full in cab control box

  • 3 individually operated spray heads

  • Anti-surge baffling system

  • Retractable hose reel

  • 3-inch hydrant top filler lid

  • sight level tube, rotating flashing beacon light

  • 6m suction line

  • LED taillight board

  • Spring-loaded engineer approved mounting brackets

  • Custom coloured tank in HEB Blue

Polyethylene transport tanks are becoming the tanks of choice over steel, as they are lightweight, tough, don’t rust and come with a 20-year warranty.

These units can also be built with container twist locks or hook lift mounting.

Click here to view images of Fulton Hogan Napier’s twist-lock unit

Click here to view all water cart options

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