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Fulton Hogan Te Pahu Road Project

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The Requirement

Condor was approached by Fulton Hogan to assist with ensuring the water quality discharged into the Waikoha stream bridge was in accordance with the expectations of the project during bridge strengthening works in Te Pahu, Waikato.

The Waikoha stream had to be dammed to allow works to be achieved and strict measures had to be put in place for the duration of the works to meet the consent requirements.

As we all know works in or around streams have the potential to have a direct adverse impact on watercourse habitat and on watercourse ecology.

The Solution

The Condor XL Water Treatment System (WTS) was recommended for this project.

The WTS units consist of equidistant, channel-shaped lamella clarifiers to maximize sediment settlement per m² and comes complete with automated flocculant dosing.

With the stream being dammed, all water in the works catchment area was pumped through the WTS unit and discharged back into the stream. With the WTS unit only being required for 4-5 weeks, the Hiring of the unit was the ideal solution and the unit was supplied to the site complete with a generator.

At the commencement of the dewatering works catchment, bench test trials were undertaken to determine the preferred chemical treatment system and optimum dose for suspended solids removal in accordance with the Auckland Council GD05 guidelines.

The Result

The system was delivered to site and set up and commissioned by Condor staff and Condor provided the required training on the operation of the system for the Fulton Hogan site manager's ongoing routine management and maintenance of the system.

The end result is minimal environmental impact to the streams ecology and the water quality discharge well within the required limits.

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