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March Construction Project Hamilton

The Requirement

September 2019 CONDOR was contacted by March Construction to help with a contaminated dewatering requirement that consisted of dealing with heavy hydrocarbons in the ground water. The job at hand for March Construction was to construct suitable ground works for Kiwi Rail to extend their workshop. Over the year’s hydrocarbons had leaked out of old tanks and oil spills into the ground had come in contact with the ground water.

The Solution

Our Condor WTS XL unit was recommended for this project with a lamellar clarifier, along with our industry leading hydrocarbon filter pads that the hydrocarbons will adhere to and let water drain through. Our oil skimmer was also fitted to the system to skim off heavy floating hydrocarbons in the water. PAC was dosed prior to the water coming into the WTS unit for helping settle out the heavy soiling in the groundwater being pumped into the system.

The Result

The unit was delivered to the site and set up commissioned by Condor Staff. Testing was done to make sure discharge into the stormwater was compliant before leaving the site. A hand over was done to March Construction site manager to go over the managing of the WTS unit, controlling the dosing PAC pump, how to change over the used hydrocarbon filter pads before leaving the site

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