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The Seaview Energy Resilience Project

The Project

Upgrades to the Seaview wharf and pipeline are necessary to ensure they are resilient as possible during an event such as an earthquake.

The Seaview wharf and its pipeline are critical for the fuel supply for the lower North Island.

The Requirement

A series of concrete piles are required as part of this resilience project and tremie is used to pour concrete underwater in a way that avoids washout of cement from the mix due to turbulent water contact with the concrete while it is flowing.

During this process water within the pile gets contaminated by the high pH concrete and is required to be treated.

The Solution

Condor proposed a water treatment system capable of automatically treating the high pH water and bringing it back with compliant discharge levels.

The Result

Condor assisted with the pH correction of any contaminated seawater during the operation. Our pH Correction Water Treatment system performed without any issue and clean safe water was returned to the harbour.

It had the potential to be a tricky pour due to the exposed location of the project but the comms and adherence to safety standards the job went very smoothly and is a credit to the team Brian Perry Civil.

Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

Consultant: Holmes

Client: CentrePort

Products used: Condor pH Correction Water Treatment System, Treatment Chemicals

Location: Seaview, Wellington

Think of Condor as your Environmental Compliance Partner.

Our team works hard to understand the challenges you face. We go further to ensure the solutions we provide are fit for purpose and will comply with local environmental regulations so you can get on with the task at hand.

These systems are available for hire, lease or purchase New Zealand wide. Contact us on 0508 044 055 to discuss your site requirements.

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