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New Water Treatment System for Kiwi Rail Hamilton project

March Construction approached Condor Pumps with a situation they faced requiring treatment of contaminated groundwater prior to it being discharged back into the stormwater.

The requirement of the unit was to remove the hydrocarbons and sediment from the groundwater to a level where it can be discharged directly into the stormwater.

Hydrocarbons include oil and fuels dropped from years of service work and spills from the Kiwi Rail yard. Hydrocarbons are an insoluble material and when discharged into a natural environment can cause unprecedented disruption to the ecosystem.

The tanks clarifier system and hydrocarbon filter pads along with an automatic flocculant dosing system effectively removed the sediment and the oils that were in the ground. A great result all round!

These systems are available for hire or sale NZ wide. Contact our sales team to arrange pricing or a demo onsite - 0508 044 055

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