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Waikato 50 Water Treatment Project

The Project

As part of Watercare’s water supply resilience plan for Auckland’s water requirements, the Waikato Water Treatment Plant which already supplies up to 30% of the Auckland regions drinking water is bolstering its capacity by 50 Million litres per day.

The Requirement

With the requirement of filling in a large sediment retention pond to enable further works, Condor was contacted by Brian Perry Civil to provide an alternative solution to assist with the removal of suspended solids to meet water discharge consent requirements into the Waikato River.

The Solution

The Condor XXL Water Treatment System (WTS) and associated submersible pump was recommended for this project.

Soil and water samples were collected from site and bench test trials were undertaken to determine the preferred chemical treatment and optimum dose for suspended solids removal.

With the Water Treatment System only being required for a short length of time, the system and associated pump were hired and were delivered to site, set up and commissioned by Condor staff.

The Result

With the easily accessible lifting points and small footprint of the Condor XXL Water Treatment System, the unit was rapidly deployed and treating water within an hour.

The end result was the total suspended solids (TSS) in the water discharge was kept within the required parameters to meet compliance to the site discharge consents.

Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

Client: Watercare

Products used: XXL Water Treatment System, Submersible pump, Treatment Chemicals

Location: Tūākau, Waikato

Think of Condor as your Environmental Compliance Partner.

Our team works hard to understand the challenges you face. We go further to ensure the solutions we provide are fit for purpose and will comply with local environmental regulations so you can get on with the task at hand.

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